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SAYSW simplifies your entire online marketing by a single tool box. Create your professional leadpage, generate sales in pre-recorded webinars, use email- and chatbot automation to build trust and engage with social media postings, including your Call-To-Action and tracking code.
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It's all about digital marketing leads

Stop creating endless of accounts for everything and spending a ton of money for monthly subscriptions. SAYSW gives you all you need to gain leads and win customers with your online marketing activities.


Your simple but professional website generates leads by telling your message.

Email & Chatbot

Your automated email responder and chatbot expose your customer needs.

Social Media Posts

Your toolbox to engage with users and adding Call-to-Action to your postings.

Webinar System

Your automated pre-recorded webinar with live chat generates your online sale.

Why SAYSW is not for everybody

Most online-tool providers offer full-automated services with easy-to-use backend. SAYSW believes in individual services with one-by-one support during setup. This makes sure, that our toolbox brings you the best benefit and saves your time. You focus on conversion instead of learning from manuals.
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Your Journey With SAYSW

You already know what you need: There is exactly one service in our toolbox that has the highest priority for your business. Let us know which one it is so we can start setup with you.

1. How to setup my account?

You'll receive your login details after purchase and start setup your tools by yourself. If you need assistance request your one-by-one support. We will make sure your tool is working correctly once your setup has finished.

2. How flexible are your tools?

Each tool in our online marketing toolbox has a special purpose. To learn more about its features join our free webinar session. All your questions will be answered in the live chat at the end of the presentation.

3. How many services can I apply?

You can use all services from our toolbox. If you decide for monthly payment, your one-by-one setup support is limited to one tool per month. If you need more you may request pre-payment for several month or annual payment.

4. Do you offer money back guarantee?

Once you are charged you get our full obligation in your one-by-one service. Therefore our satisfaction-guarentee does not cover money back. Please check the features before your purchase. In case of doubt you may request a demo account.

Turn-Key Solution

Getting access to your SAYSW account makes you ready to generate sales and optimize your conversion. You loose all your troubles fighting with tools but enjoy our professional support. We help you ONE-BY-ONE setup your tools for digital marketing.



Join our next webinar session to learn about the features of our toolbox and get your questions answered, what SAYSW can do for you and how our support feels like.
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"It was the best decision I made with my online business. SAYSW helped me to make sure everything is running simple and save."

Peter Rogen
Runs webinars about self motivation

"There is no other tool like this. It was highly customized for my aim and purpose I use it and delivers valuable results. Thank you!"

Andy Michael
Affiliate marketing with squeeze page links

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If your business is already successful you are invited to get free trial setup of our professional services.


$390 /Mo

Monthly Billed

Use all our services including support via email or messenger. Get our setup service for one service each month.

$3,800 /Yr

Annually Billed

Use all our services including support via email or phone. Get our instant setup service for all services.


Start your simplification

The best time to save time is now. Request SAYSW All-In-One Toolbox to simplify your entire online marketing and gain more time for things that really matter.

Satisfaction Guarantee

SAYSW Happiness-Guarantee: Request your test account and see what you get, before you are charged.